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A beginning of new chapter-Khushahali meets Gau Shakti

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The pilot project of Khushahali started at Panjri village, on 15th November on the auspicious day of Govardhan Puja with purchase of 3 healthy pregnant Gir cows and their worship welcome rituals. DSF donated Gir cows to NBUSS which marks our association with its 'Kushahali' program to ensure the promotion of indigenous cow breeds, economic empowerment of women and local farmers.

Khushahali, a project by Niramaya Bahu Udeshya Seva Sanstha (NBUSS, Nagpur ) envisions promotion of indigenous (desi) cow breeds instead of foreign ones and empowerment of rural women and small farmers. DSF' s Gau Shakti project was launched about 20 years ago and has pan India presence conducting medical camps & healthcare aid to indigenous cow breeds. The Khushali project is in alignment with DSF values and vision and can be replicated as a beneficial model to promote sustainable environmental practices & rural empowerment of women and farmers at large.

Training will include various methods of cow care, vermicompost manure, manufacturing of various milk, dung & urine products for a healthier lifestyle and environment. DSF will act as the knowledge partner to provide continuous assistance to the beneficiaries. Our aim is to make project Khushahali scalable and replicable to nearby villages & communties.

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