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A Name that represents a 'Legacy'

My son Sarvesh and his wife Mansi were blessed with a baby boy and we have chosen the name Omansh for him.As per Vedic belief, Om represents supreme sound energy, anahat naad, from which the entire universe was created. Om is also the universal Spirit, pure consciousness, God, or ultimate Truth which is responsible for Life and everything.

Om is complete in itself and represents source of limitless power love and joy.

Omansh means we are part and parcel of Divine Om energy, and purpose of our life is to be in relationship with supreme Om energy, and experience its limitless power, joy, and love.

Whenever we will call Omansh, his name will remind us about our Divine nature, and our relationship with supreme. Human life is all about relationships, and if foundation of our life is based on AUM, the Supreme, then all our relationships will have beauty and fragrance of Divine nature to share, care and give.

Omansh will inspire us to connect with ourself first, and then see ourself in a Divine way, so shall be a gift to the world, just as Omansh truly means!!

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