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Grace of the 'Nightingale' of India

When it comes to music, the only name I can fondly recall is of Lataji who is the epitome of simplicity & graciousness. At the age of 91 her immaculate devotion to music is both awe inspiring & worthy of adulation.

Phenomenal success & ability to sustain any field demands passion & humility- finesse of masterstroke and student like curiosity. Lataji exquisitely espouses both these qualities, touching the chords of millions of hearts with her alluring voice and unbecoming demeanour. She is strongly rooted in the tradition of our rich culture and at the same time well aware of the nuances of modern age. Her unparalleled contribution to the music industry & the nation is result of her service attitude to her craft, allowing her melodious voice to be an instrument of the Divine and also an insignia of perfection.

If one isn’t totally involved in something one can never experience deeper joy from that thing nor continue to give best. Swami Vivekananda said, “You are closer to the Divine in a sports field while playing than in a temple while praying.” It is our involvement in any activity which is quintessential making an ordinary person extra ordinary.

Music captivates people regardless of their gender, race, nationality & religion. Those who see music as a spiritual practise surrender their ego’s noise to the melody of life and don’t become boastful. If this one thing doesn’t happen, then music remains only as a mere entertaining medium for distraction and ego glorification. Music has played a big role in my own spiritual and personal evolution and still continues to take me to the inner roads I have never traversed before.

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