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Happy farewell for Happy newcoming!

In life, it is generally observed that, in difficult times when our comfortable living is challenged, we grow the most. It is also said, what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger! With this perspective, one can see COVID-19 pandemic in a positive light and bid farewell to the year 2020 with heartfelt gratitude & welcome 2021 with a happy heart!.

Most people are resistant to change and it takes some kind of disaster, whether in their health, family or work life to happen before they start thinking of changing their attitude and behaviour. COVID-19 2020 has truly provided us with the much-needed stimulus to re-evaluate our priorities, values and vision in life.

The most important lesson we have learnt is to respect Mother Nature and all its creatures because we all belong to one planet & are interconnected beings. The way we conduct our business activities, agriculture, development & overall humanity has a deep impact not only on our health but the health of Mother Nature. Therefore, we must ensure our life is guided by our inclusive consciousness to share & care than compulsiveness & obsession to struggle, indulge & hoard.

We learnt about the importance of having family & how we must value our social nature for a deeper connection with people out of profound gratitude and love & not taking them for granted. Though COVID-19 has killed more than a million people across the world, doctors, nurses and other frontline workers have courageously handled the situation putting their own lives at risk. This spirit to care for others in times of extreme hardship is indeed a hallmark of true humanity which we must always remember rather than blaming & complaining.

Due to loss & lack of jobs, people had to think in new ways which lead to the emergence of digital work culture and innovation of technology. Most important transformation COVID-19 ushered is on the individual level to go within and do the inner work which we hardly paid attention due to hectic lifestyle. We learnt that being busy and materially productive doesn’t guarantee real joy and fulfilment, but it can act as a good distraction from the important thing of Self-exploration. Without COVID-19 it would not have been possible for billions of people to self-reflect and introspect and become sensitive to life, to their health, family, creative passion and to Mother Nature. Why should we then harbour hatred and resentment for the year 2020 and enter the new decade with a negative mindset?

COVID-19 19 has already changed the world dynamic in a dramatic way and will continue to do so. We will now know the world as pre COVID-19 and post COVID-19 era. We must ensure that the world post COVID-19 is remembered when humanity became more conscious and responsive to impact the world in an utmost positive way. So, let’s see all the good and important things year 2020 had to teach us using COVID-19 as a medium, and welcome year 2021 with renewed vision and spirit!

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