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  • Dinesh Shahra

Happy Yoga Day

The Yogic lifestyle is all about taking care of our body and mind to keep them fit and healthy, given by the most healthy and happy people, our rishis. Only a healthy body and a happy mind can offer creativity, positivity and meaningful contributions. Therefore, the sooner we realize the importance of managing our body and mind, the better it is for us and everyone around us.

A lifestyle rooted in the discipline of Yog enhances our power to process diverse information and experiences without getting stuck. When I say Yog, I am not limiting Yog to only physical exercise, but holistic well-being of body, mind, emotions and spirit. Yoga increases our focus, creativity and productivity and also builds inner strength to overcome everyday challenges. Apart from the spiritual benefits, Yog also offers amazing physical, emotional and psychological benefits and a healthy, happy and prosperous life. Applying a few fundamentals and practices of this ancient science turns our body and mind into a powerhouse of creative forces.

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