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Jagannath- Lord of the World

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

According to the legend, when Lord Krishna left the body, he was cremated, his whole body was found in five elements, but his heart was beating like a normal living man and he was safe, his heart is safe till today, which is of Lord Jagannath. Lives inside a wooden statue and beats like that, very few people know this. Mahaprabhu Jagannath (Shri Krishna) is also known as the God of Kaliyuga. Jagganath Swami lives in Puri (Odisha), with his sister Subhadra and brother Balram, but the mystery is such that no one could know to date.

Every 12 years the statue of Mahaprabhu is changed, at that time the entire city is blackout, which means the lights of the whole city are switched off, after the lights are off

There is a dark darkness inside the temple. The eyes of the priest are tied with a strip. Priest has gloves in his hands. He removes "Brahma substance" from the old idol and puts it in the new statue. What is this Brahma substance, no one knows till date. No one has seen it till date. For thousands of years, this statue is being transferred from one statue to another

This is a supernatural substance, just by touching it, the rags of a human body will be blown away. This Brahma substance belongs to Lord Shri Krishna. But what is this,no one knows, Lord Jagannath and other statues are changed in the same year.

Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra signifies not just the spirit of brotherhood and fraternity, but also the spiritual evolution of the soul. The reins of the body and mind chariot must be surrendered to the Lord, so that the traveler, the soul within, walks the right path of spirituality to reach the supreme abode of freedom, peace and joy.

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