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Minding our Mind!

As we are getting more health-conscious people nowadays can tell you how to improve physical health and fitness. As a society we have done a remarkable job of educating people on matters of getting into good shape, losing weight, lowering blood pressure etc which improves physical health and well-being. But when it comes to mental health, we can’t even define it, let alone take steps to develop or improve it.

It’s difficult to take personal responsibility for developing and maintaining good mental health and happiness for ourself if we don’t even know what it is. So, we must set our own standards for our happiness & mental health and try to live up these standards every day. Following are a few standards which can help anyone who wants to work on their mental health and enhance their ability to experience and express more joy out of life.

A healthy mind and happy person are a source of happiness to himself and also others because it has found spiritual freedom by working on itself to become free from the burden of unnecessary worries & expectations. A healthy mind has clear self-worth and identity established in one’s own being beyond worldly projections & conditions.

A healthy mind values in humility but also enjoys witty humour, keeping an open outlook towards life to continuously learn and grow. There is the right clarity & perspective of one’s strengths and challenges and of others without developing distorted judgements. Such a person is cheerful and willing to help people in need and is sensitive to their needs and situations.

Most importantly a healthy mind has no trouble accepting the fact that people are very different from each other and has no intention to change anyone. Therefore, a healthy mind doesn’t entertain or play dirty games of comparison and criticism. Thus, a happy person with a healthy mind is a creative and positive force who can rise up to any occasion without getting bogged down.

So, do you see yourself setting certain standards for your own mental health and work on your mind from today? Do you see yourself developing a healthy self-image independent of people’s approval? Do you see yourself helping others in difficulty without expectations? Do you see life as a learning and growing processes using both positive and negative experiences? Do you accept people for who they are without reacting and judging them?

You can start applying one of the above-mentioned healthy mind qualities from today & experience deeper happiness & fulfilment in life. Being aware of the unhealthy mental habits we acquired over a period of time is the first step towards change. Our culture offers practises of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and self-enquiry to manifest real strength of the human mind and our true joy. Do this for a week and see if you have achieved success. Notice what this has done for the important relationships in your life and for your own mental health and happiness. Because a healthy mind is a happy mind!

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