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Remembering Indu Ma!

Indu Ma's death is indeed a great loss and shock to all of us! Her life was an exemplary personification of perfection on all levels- spiritual, social, business and personal. Indu Ma was a prominent Indian media personality and the chairperson of India's largest media group, Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., the Times Group. But more than her identity of being a corporate leader and media baron, Indu Ma will be remembered as a sincere spiritual seeker and compassionate humanitarian, who made an outstanding contribution to spirituality, women's rights and the promotion of Vedic Santan culture.

I met Indu Ma on numerous occasions and every time I was immensely inspired and impressed by her passion for spirituality, community service and Indian culture. Her suggestion to do something in lines with the welfare of indigenous desi cows was instrumental in the launching of Gau Shakti Abhiyan in 2006. Today, Gau Shakti Abhiyan conducts desi cow healthcare camps to ensure proper medical care to indigenous cows across pan India. Apart from service to desi cows, the Gau Shakti initiative empowers the rural farmers and household women to earn sustainable livelihood income & appreciate the value of desi cow breeds. Such models of linking indigenous cow health with rural and women empowerment are being carried out in Nagpur in association with Niramaya Bhaudeshiya Sansthan under the Khushahali project. Indu Ma leaves behind a legacy of life that was fully devoted to sadhana & sewa (spirituality and service) while balancing her worldly roles as a homemaker and businesswoman. She will continue to remain a role model for all those who want to nurture both inner and outer prosperity in their life. May her spirit and work inspire us to bring out spiritual love, joy and perfection in our daily life for the well being of all!

Aum Shanti!

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