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Remembering Robindra Nath Tagore

A beautiful poem by Nobel laureate Sir Robindra Nath Tagore perfect capture the power and need of human connection and communication.

When I'm dead. Your tears will flow

But I won't know, Cry with me now instead.

You will send flowers, But I won't see

Send them now instead

You'll say words of praise, But I won't hear.

Praise me now instead

You'll forgive my faults, But I won't know.....

So forget them now instead.

You'll miss me then, But I won't feel.

Meet me now, instead.

You'll wish You could have spent more time with me,

Spend it now instead

When you hear I'm gone, you'll find your way to my house to pay condolence

but we haven't even spoken in years.

Look , listen and reply me now.

Spend time with every person around you, and help them with whatever you can to make them happy, your families, friends and acquaintances.

Make them feel special because you never know when time will take them away from you forever.

Alone I can 'Say' but together we can 'Talk'.

Alone I can 'Enjoy' but together we can 'Celebrate'

Alone I can 'Smile' but together we can 'Laugh'

That's the BEAUTY of Human Relations.

We are nothing without each other

So Stay Connected!!

I feel proud to say I love God and HIS image that's YOU, YOU & YOU!!!

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