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Save Culture to save Nature

The Iso Upanisad states in its 1st mantra that God is present in each and every part of this creation- “isa vasyamidam sarvam yatkinca jagatyam jagat”. Our culture has always seen unity between man and Divine and Divine & Nature. The five great elements space, air, fire, water, and earth constitute Prakriti, Mother Nature, which includes all living bodies and non-living bodies. Therefore, when we take care of Mother Nature, the trees, the rivers, mountains, and all creatures, we are actually taking care of humanity and ourselves. But when we do not appreciate our inherent oneness and interrelation of life, we become destructive, destroying our own health, society, and also Mother Nature.

Indigenous cow breeds play a very vital role in maintaining the delicate balance between man and Nature. Not only do cows are of cultural significance, as we refer to them as Gau Mata, but they also provide economic and nutritional value. Cow dung and urine enrich the soil with helpful microorganisms and minerals, thus making it more fertile. Indigenous cows provide nutritious A2 milk products, & help sustain a livelihood in rural areas. Science is now finding the medical benefits of cow dung and urine and how it can be used as an alternative fuel-biogas.

Dinesh Shahra Foundation is committed to preserving indigenous cow breeds through its Gau Shakti abhiyan. We participate in public and private enterprise joint ventures & provide support via funding, technical support, and education.

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