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Save Sanatan Culture to Save Mother Nature

Dinesh Shahra Foundation wishes you a Happy World Environment Day. For the last 12 years, DSF has been engaged in the service of both Nature and culture through initiatives like Gau Shakti Abhiyan and Green Gold Day, taking inspiration from the basic tenets of Sanatan Dharma, Live to Give. I firmly believe that only when Sanatan culture survives, Mother nature will survive. Sanatan culture gives us the vision to see Nature not as a resource, but as a manifestation of God, as Mother Nature. When we change the way we see things our behaviour and relation also changes. DSF has resolved to plant about 10,000 trees in Uttar Kashi, the Dev Bhumi, the land of God, Ganga and Himalayas. These trees will help in water conservation, providing livelihood to locals and mitigate climate change. Efforts are also underway under the Jal Shakti Abhiyan to restore the Shipra river in MP by tree plantation and water conversation. Mother Nature has taught us a profound lesson in the Corona period to be responsible towards our humanity and other creatures. We all have to take appropriate steps to save the environment and adopt the lifestyle of Sanatan culture, which is in harmony with Nature.

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