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The little Goddess we worship-Kanya Pujan

Our sacred scriptures say that God is within us but provided we have the required innocence and purity. Children are the purest form of human beings as they have no evil emotions instilled. As the worship of Goddess, Navratri reaches its 8th and 9th day, there is a ritual to worship young girls who are 3 to 9 years of age. It is believed that by worshiping a girl, devotees get the real merit of their prayers, which is the purity of heart. This ritual is known as ‘Kanya Pujan’.

People usually worship nine young girls representing the nine forms of Goddess Durga. They are welcomed at homes and served special food or bhog of puri, kala chana, coconut and halwa. Devotees wash the feet of the girls who epitomize the nine forms of Maa Durga.

A red thread is tied around the wrist and red kumkum is put on the forehead by the devotees. The devotees then offer new clothes and other shringar items along with a feast that is served. The girls are also offered coins, small gifts like stationery items such as colour pencils, crayons and books.

Through such rituals, Sanatan tradition ensures fostering of right perspective or samskara towards life and the divine feminine right from a young age. Never in any culture women empowerment has been so meticulously and religiously planned and it is our responsibility to conduct such rituals with full vigour and faith for an unhindered continuation of our legacy.

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