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The Spiritual Essence of Navratri

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

The real purpose of a human being according to Sanatan Dharma is to recognise our real spiritual identity beyond all names forms and roles and function from there. The scriptures mention about this claim in many ways called as Mahavakays, like Thou are That, Everything is Divine, Me & Divine are One etc. Seen outwardly, the nine-day worship of Goddess or Devi appears as a celebration of the victory of the Mother for defeating the formidable demons led by Mahishasura. But, To a sincere spiritual aspirant, the particular division of the Navaratri into sets of three days to worship different aspects of the Supreme Goddess has a very sublime & practical truth to reveal. It shows the course of how our spiritual practice should take with right kind of clarity and understanding.

The first three days of Navratri are for worshipping the fierce Goddess Durga to help the seeker courageously endure, overcome & turn away from the evil propensities, and create the ground for Satwic or noble virtues and qualities. Therefore, the next three days Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped to receive & cultivate the wealth of divine qualities which will pave way for supreme wisdom of Self-knowledge. Once the seeker succeeds in routing out his vices and develops Satwic or pure divine qualities, he becomes competent & qualified to attain spiritual wisdom. He is now ready to receive the light of supreme wisdom of Self-realisation.

During the final three days, worship of Mother Saraswati, who is the personification of divine knowledge and the Absolute is worshipped. She bestows the knowledge of the Supreme and then gives full knowledge of the Self as represented by Her pure, dazzling snow-white apparel. The tenth day, Vijaya Dashmi marks the triumphant victory of the soul & liberation of the mind from all bondages to return & enjoy his kingdom. The soul rests in his own Supreme Self and this day celebrates the victory, the achievement of the goal.

Let's give Glory to the Divine Mother who helps and guides us to realise our true Being to experience real freedom and joy!

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