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We are on A Mission!

Receiving an award is always a motivation to do more, perform better and yield even more significant outcome. Recently Dinesh Shahra Foundation received an award from Economic Times in the category of Outstanding Philanthropic Contribution across Education, Spirituality & Environment.

Not only we are happy about it but also humbled, because we know there's a still long way to go to realise our vision of sustainable & Atma Nirbhar Bharat!

Every cause of DSF (Education, Spirituality & Environment) is aimed at supporting people and processes at the grass-root level because real and lasting change happens only when we fix the root issue & not just cure the symptoms. Our causes related to the preservation of indigenous breed of cows, plantation of various trees to increase forest cover, empowerment youth and deserving, & promotion of Indian spiritual values, directly affect the consciousness of people and this land we called as Mother India or Ma Bharthi.

DSF vision & causes related to sustainable and empowered India in all aspects draw their inspiration from our ageless Sanatan culture where "Giving" is one of the central tenets for success and well being of any individual, enterprise or society. Particularly when carried out with no ulterior motive or expectation of reward, the attitude of giving frees the divine spirit in us to inspire, influence and impact millions of people for centuries ahead.

The essence DSF vision and values are beautifully captured and expressed in the first two verses of the Isa-Upanishad, the shortest and among the most well-known of the ancient Vedantic texts.

"All that you see moving in this changing world is pervaded by the immovable & changeless Lord and belongs to him. Remembering this enjoy your human existence and continue to give without expectations or claiming anything to be yours. Do not covet anyone’s wealth. Aim to have a hundred years of productive life by adopting the attitude of "live to give". There is no other way to live but this, as this attitude leads to freedom and doesn't let anything stick and become burdensome. "

With the grace of the Almighty and blessings of our ancestors, DSF is committed to bring sustainable holistic development in the lives of people and the planet as a whole. We thank our supporters and volunteers for their valuable trust and together we shall continue to espouse Santan values of care, togetherness and giving!

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